Our Vision

The goal of the OpenQuantum project is to provide education and development opportunities in quantum engineering to those would not have them otherwise.

With the coming age of quantum technologies, it is important that resources are freely available to both students as well as hackers and entrepreneurs that may not have as much financing as established private ventures.

For students and beginner makers, OpenQuantum will serve as a hands-on way to start interacting with quantum phenomena, and will make the process of learning quantum mechanics less intimidating and more exciting. 

For experienced hackers and inventors, OpenQuantum will serve as a springboard to allow a broader audience to contribute to the development of quantum technologies.

Our Team

OpenQuantum is developed by a small crew of passionate scientists and makers. Today, the project spans several institutions across multiple countries. If you would like to contribute, ask a question, or just get in touch, please email us at: team@open-quantum.org

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