Quantum Engineering.

The OpenQuantum project provides a complete open-source blueprint for an incredibly low-cost hardware and software platform for controlling and manipulating ultracold atoms.

Our Platform 

The OpenQuantum platform is a collection of MIT-licensed CAD files, machining instructions, electronics schematics, PCB files, firmware, and software that collectively form a magneto-optical trap, the 1997 Nobel Prize-winning apparatus that has since become the foundation for the entire field of atomic and molecular physics.

With this apparatus, makers & researchers can generate and observe a variety of quantum phenomena and design a number of different quantum experiments and devices. The total cost of the full bill of materials is around 8,000 USD, which is almost two orders of magnitude lower than existing commercial solutions.

We provide dozens of CAD files along with 3D printing and machining instructions for the necessary optical and vacuum parts that comprise the apparatus.

    We provide complete electrical schematics and PCB designs for each of the drivers necessary to power the optical and vacuum devices in the apparatus.

We provide the full source-code for each component involved in establishing, controlling, and optimizing the magneto-optical trap.

About Us

OpenQuantum is developed by a small crew of passionate scientists and makers. Today, the project spans several institutions across multiple countries. We are supported in part by a grant from the Unitary Fund and the Hacker Initiative, as well as supplies from Rydberg Technologies. If you would like to contribute, ask a question, or just get in touch, please email us at: team@open-quantum.org